Kris Taylor

Failure to communicate.

Far too often, poor communication is cited as the reason for not getting the results we want. For people doing something other than what we had expected. For confusion. For inaction. For frustration.

I suspect that sometimes it truly is a communication failure. And other times, it is not.


Let’s start with why knowing these three things is so important. These are three things that:

  • Separate good leaders from mediocre or poor leaders.
  • Provide guidance and direction, even in the most turbulent times or the most troubling situations.
  • Allow a leader to have flexibility, enabling them to adapt to changing situations without compromising what is most important.
  • Enable a leader to show up and do…

What is the Great Resignation?

7.5 million missing in action. Help wanted across industries, occupations, and professions.

A record number of employees walked away from their jobs in July, shattering all previous records. That same record was broken again in August and then again in September. This trend that Adam Klotz of Texas A&M coined…

True confession. I’ve been in the workplace for a very long time. Forty-two years to be exact. In that span, I’ve held a multitude of jobs with multiple employers and started six businesses.

No matter the job, the employer, or the situation, one thing has continued to intrigue me: the…

I’ve spent these last ten days mostly in solitude in what I dub our “little house on the prairie.” My husband was in another state. My kids are grown and out of the house. We are pet-free. Typically, I’d fill this “alone” time with dates with friends. However, this time…

On my 40th birthday, I proudly ran exactly 3 miles and promptly hung up my running shoes. That is, until fifteen years later when my daughter suggested we do something fun together. I envisioned a girl’s trip. She was thinking marathon. My daughter’s idea won out.

Well not exactly. She…

Kris Taylor

Driving positive and transformative change though my writing and the three companies I’ve founded.

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