What Does a Consultant Look Like? You Might Be Surprised!

Some would wryly say that a consultant is a person between jobs.

On a more serious note, when asked to describe a consultant, these descriptors typically emerge:

· Work for a consulting firm. If not the big 4, perhaps a mid-sized regional consulting firm.

· Male and most likely Caucasian

· Living in a large metro area

· Wearing a suit, a crisply ironed white shirt and tie

· Smart and highly educated

· Specializing in business strategy and enterprise wide solutions

· A road warrior, often traveling most work weeks

· Confident, perhaps even a bit haughty

A few decades ago, that description might have had a high degree of accuracy.

No longer.

The landscape for consulting has changed and as such, you would be hard pressed to come up with one description, for today free-lancers and consultants come in a variety of forms. While some continue to fit the description above, you’ll find that:

· More professionals are working in their own small consultancies or sub-contracting organizations

· Career consultants form a diverse demographic cutting across gender, age, and location

· Demand for free-lance or “on demand” professional services is much broader and can include virtually any function in an organization

In my sixteen years of consulting, I’ve found that consulting as a career can work for people:

· Of all ages

· With a wide variety of marketable skills

· Across geographies

· With various levels of experience

Consulting has been such a good career choice for me, that I want to help others who are interested in this career choice. So join me on March 29th for the first day of the Consulting Business Incubator — a FREE four day event that will help those thinking about or just starting their consulting practice to get focus and momentum. You can learn more here.




Driving positive and transformative change though my writing and the three companies I’ve founded.

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Kris Taylor

Kris Taylor

Driving positive and transformative change though my writing and the three companies I’ve founded.

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