Kris Taylor

True confession. I’ve been in the workplace for a very long time. Forty-two years to be exact. In that span, I’ve held a multitude of jobs with multiple employers and started six businesses.

No matter the job, the employer, or the situation, one thing has continued to intrigue me: the…

I’ve spent these last ten days mostly in solitude in what I dub our “little house on the prairie.” My husband was in another state. My kids are grown and out of the house. We are pet-free. Typically, I’d fill this “alone” time with dates with friends. …

On my 40th birthday, I proudly ran exactly 3 miles and promptly hung up my running shoes. That is, until fifteen years later when my daughter suggested we do something fun together. I envisioned a girl’s trip. She was thinking marathon. My daughter’s idea won out.

Well not exactly. She…

It happened again yesterday. Someone I hadn’t talked to since before the pandemic connected with me and the first question out of their mouth was the one that makes me bristle: “Are you busy?”

I’m always put off by that question. It triggers questions in my head like:

· What…

Kris Taylor

Driving positive and transformative change though my writing and the three companies I’ve founded.

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